What to bring!

4 keys to a successful hunt:
We recommend you bring a warm comfortable sleeping bag, quality optics, good quality footwear suitable
for sheep hunting, and warm clothing that can be layered and good rain gear.

As well as:
* Footwear for around camp
* Soft day pack
* Flashlight
* Water bottle
* Chap stick
* Camera
* Binoculars
* Spotting Scope/Range Finder (optional)
* Rifle/ammunition

We recommend that you bring a rifle that you are comfortable shooting. Practice with the load that you are bringing and know your ballistics.

We will supply the following for you:
* Foam sleeping pad
* Rifle scabbard

Canada Customs
Persons traveling into Canada will need a valid passport, driver's license and gun permit. We will send you the Firearms forms prior to your arrival.

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