Alstott Outfitters, owned and operated by John and Sheila Alstott, has been successfully outfitting big game for over 50 years. We are a second generation family-based outfit specializing in Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunts. We hunt in Clearwater Forest Reserve, Area 428, North Ram River, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Banff and Jasper National Parks.

The late Ed Alstott began outfitting the area over 50 years ago and has passed his vast knowledge on to his son, John, who took over running the outfitting in 1993. John has been guiding the area for over 30 years, and his knowledge and skill cannot be matched. He runs a great camp and hires superior staff who give 100% effort 100% of the time!

Our Hunt

We offer four bighorn sheep permits yearly, and accommodate up to two clients on every hunt, where each hunter has his/her own guide. Our hunts run 14 days, which include two travel days - one to reach base camp and one to return home, leaving 12 actual hunting days. We try to keep our hunt dates the same every year, one starting August 31 until September 13, and the other starting on September 16, ending September 30, leaving room at the end of the season for clients who wish to return.

Hunting season for non-residents starts on September 1 and goes up to and including October 15, so we can accommodate clients wishing to come in late or leave early.

Our Area

We hunt in Clearwater Forest Reserve, Area 428, North Ram River, where the Alstott family has been outfitting for over 50 years. Our extensive knowledge of the area simply cannot be beat.

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Our Camp

Our camp is a first rate tent camp with an EXCELLENT cook. Each client has his/her own tent making it much more comfortable and giving you a place of your own to retire. Our camp is well run with our staff giving it their all, all the time. The camp is centrally located in our area and we hunt each day on horseback, then hike or climb to remote areas. There is also the possibility of spike camping, though this is not usually necessary.


Normal seasonal temperatures range from 10 F (-12C) to 70 F (21C), so a variety of clothing that can be layered is usually best. The weather in Alberta can change at any given chance, so it's best to be prepared for just about anything.

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